Experience the ultimate recording and rehearsal destination with our facility, housing five world-class recording studios and a spacious rehearsal and live performance space, all under one roof.

Studio A

Welcome to Studio A at Tree Sound! Designed by the renowned George Augspurger and Paul Diaz in 1995, this studio represents one of the finest global executions of their design. With over 4000 square feet of private space and studio, our clients can enjoy ample room to relax and spread out. Studio A is equipped with fantastic amenities, including two private bathrooms, an office, a game room, and a chef's kitchen, all accessible through private entrances. Experience the magic of our 'floating floors,' ensuring total sonic isolation between rooms, while the separate mechanical systems guarantee no sound bleed through the HVAC system. What sets Studio A apart is our exceptional selection of professional outboard gear, featuring industry-leading brands like NEVE®, SSL, API, GML®, Teletronix®, URIE®, DBX®, Manley®, TubeTech®, and many more! Additionally, we take pride in offering the most professional mic selection in the state, boasting renowned brands such as Neumann®, AKG®, Royer®, Telefunken®, Sony®, Sennheiser®, and others. At Studio A, we provide an unmatched environment for your creative pursuits. Come and elevate your sound today!

Studio B

Welcome to Studio B, where music comes to life in a space designed to inspire creativity! Step into our large listening/control room, thoughtfully designed with plenty of seating to accommodate your entire team. Immerse yourself in the music with our powerful Augsberger Mains and Yamaha HS8 monitors, seamlessly connected through the professional-grade Dangerous Monitor ST. Enhance your sound with signal processing from the iconic NEVE® 1073 and TubeTech® CL1B, ensuring pristine and warm tones. As you explore your musical ideas, take advantage of our wide selection of synths, allowing you to create unique sonic textures and melodies. And here's something special: our rare 8-channel Neve 34128 preamp/mixer is wired to the patch bay, making it easily accessible for any equipment in the room. At Studio B, we provide the tools and atmosphere to unleash your musical vision. Get ready to capture your sound in a space that combines comfort, technology, and creativity.

Studio 11

Welcome to Studio 11, the second-largest studio at Tree Sound! This space offers incredible flexibility for all your recording needs. What makes Studio 11 truly special is America's oldest operating SSL console, serial number #11. The control room is equipped with Augsperger mains and features Yamaha® NS10 and QSC Sub, ensuring a top-notch listening experience. Studio 11 also provides a generously sized Live-Tracking space along with multiple isolation booths. With an extensive collection of professional outboard processing gear from NEVE®, Tubetech®, UAD, and more, you'll have everything you need for simultaneous overdubs, writing, and recording sessions. Plus, Studio 11 has a spacious and relaxed 'Lounge' vibe, making it the perfect fit for larger groups. Discover the ultimate recording environment at Studio 11 and bring your music to life!

Studio M

Welcome to the newly remodeled Studio M, a unique and versatile space within the renowned Tree Sound recording complex. Designed as a midsize Producer Suite, Studio M offers an array of features that cater to your recording needs. One standout feature is the treated Vocal Booth, which not only functions exceptionally well for ADR/VO work but also provides a controlled environment for pristine vocal recordings. The studio is equipped with Augsperger Mains and ATC SCM20PSL Pro monitors running through a Dangerous Monitor ST, delivering exceptional sound . The Pro Tools®  set-up, paired with an Apollo x8 recording interface and top-notch Preamps and signal Processing from NEVE® 1073 and TubeTech® CL1B, allows you to dive right into your creative process. To ensure optimal acoustics, Studio M incorporates sound absorption and diffusion panels from Atlanta based GIK Acoustics, providing a comfortable and controlled setting for your recording sessions. At Studio M, both form and function come together seamlessly, offering you a space where your creativity can truly flourish.

The Loft

Welcome to The Loft, a smaller sized recording studio that combines cutting-edge technology and exceptional design to elevate your music production experience. The Loft is equipped with the powerful Apollo x8 recording interface, ensuring pristine audio capture and playback. Immerse yourself in the music with the renowned Genelec 8050B or Hafler TRM8 Monitors, delivering excellent sound reproduction. The Mac Studio M1 (mini pictured) serves as the heart of our digital workstation, providing you with a seamless and efficient workflow. For your tracking needs, there's a separate iso room next door to The Loft capable of handling any solo instrument or voice. Add warmth and character to your recordings with the legendary Tube Tech CL-2B stereo compressor and the versatile Focusrite ISA 215 preamp. For multi-channel recording, we provide the API 3124 with four channels of pristine preamplification. And, of course, ProTools is at your fingertips, empowering you to shape your sound with precision. In The Loft, we provide the tools and environment for your creative vision and production to flourish.

The Cave

Welcome to The Cave, a versatile rehearsal and performance studio designed to cater to your every need. This large multi-use Soundstage is equipped with concert lighting that sets the perfect atmosphere for your events. For playback we have the latest digital soundboard from Midas® complimented by an EAW®  speaker system and QSC monitors. The Cave offers a unique and multi-purpose space, making it ideal for special events, artist showcases, product launches, press conferences, and even tour rehearsals for live acts. We provide an extensive array of backline equipment for rehearsals and recording, allowing you to create and refine your sound effortlessly. The Cave has been thoughtfully designed with an XLR split system that can be connected to Studio A for recording purposes, as well as digital 32-track recording capabilities via the Digital Snake and Midas® M32 directly in the room. Whatever your musical endeavor may be, The Cave is the perfect venue to bring your performances to life.